Water Line Tapping

A Hot Tap allows S&S tapping service to directly drill into an existing water line and provide the contractor with a new gate valve by which they can then extend service. The purpose is to allow expansion of current utilities with out the interruption of service for others. Hot Taps are most commonly used in situations where pressure losses, services interruptions & down time are not an option. S&S tapping service can provide and install the complete assemblies to tap lines anywhere from 3/4" to 24" in diameter.

S&S can provide and install the tapping valves & sleves upon request by the contractor or simply tap the line.

S&S has performed hot taps on all of the following types of water lines: Ductile, Cast Iron, A/C, C-900, Steel, Class Pipe, IPS PVC, SDR-35 PVC, Sand Cast, Claytile, HDPE, Concrete.

Some of the advantages of Hot Tap are as follows:

  • No interruption of service
  • No loss in line pressure
  • No need for rechlorinization